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Most people insure their vehicles, houses or content but never think about their most valuable asset! When you add up what you’d earn over a year or even ten, it starts to become clear what your most important asset is. 

Income protection is an essential part of a family’s well being especially if you now have another human being to care for, for the next 20 or so years. Don’t get stuck wondering what you would do if you lost your job or could not work for health reasons.

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We can all admit to thinking about our futures and it’s a big decision to make, especially when there are so many providers to choose from. My wife and I found Bill to be very informative and took a lot of the guesswork out of it. He is very professional with the information and explains each step with clarity along the way. Bill was "time flexible" which suited us both due to work commitments and after a couple of appointments at home we had made the commitment to Bill's services. Both my wife and I would recommend Bill to anyone who is thinking about financial advice and future security.

Donal & Rachel Campbell
Heavy machinery sales & Customer service manager
1 child

Bill was a pleasure to deal with, he explained all our options in plain English and helped us work through the most appropriate solution for us. He has also made the process of changing our cover very easy and straight forward.

Ruth Gordon
2 daughters

After searching a while for an Advisor and being disappointed with the “one insurance fits all” approach, my wife and I needed life insurance. Bill came to our home and his approach was very professional with an in-depth knowledge of the industry. I especially enjoyed the personalised insurance that was specifically tailored to our needs. I have no hesitation in referring Bill to our family and friends.

Adam O’Gram
Managing Director Construction company & Maths teacher
3 children

I would like to give a testimonial in regard to my experience with Bill McGavock. Straight off the bat Bill come across as a knowledgeable hardworking person and from his 1st impression of me and my wife he was able to relate to us on our level of understanding with the information he presented. Bill was a pleasure to deal with. As long as the facts that we gave him were correct, he was able to assess the information and format a plan for us to work against, in order to get where we would like to be which is in our own Home.

Nani Biddle
Transport manager
2 kids

Seeing that we are new to New Zealand, your patience and explanation is greatly appreciated. We are truly happy to have you as a "go-to" person for advice. I would recommend you to anyone in need of great customer service

Lizelle and Joos Jonker
Homemaker & Diesel mechanic
2 daughters

Bill has been simply awesome to work with. He is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. He communicates reliably and in a timely manner which is very important to me as a client. Its great having someone trustworthy who is able to provide sound advice and recommendations. Thanks Bill!

Malini Subramoney
Hospital administrator
1 fur baby

I would like to express my gratitude to Bill who has been wonderful to deal with during this process. Thank you for all the advice you have given us so far. We had no idea about how to make our Kiwi Saver work better for us and the importance of Life Insurance. Bill explained everything in a way that we not only understood, but we wanted to get on board with the change as soon as possible.All we needed was someone to treat us like real people without judgement which is exactly what Bill did. So, thank you very much for all the support you have given to us. You are a true asset to your company.

Islay Biddle
Retail manager
2 kids